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Therapeutic Slimming

While weight problems can attribute to a plethora of illnesses such as high blood pressure, sleep, gout, high blood sugar and much more, weight management treatment as a preventative measure is still one that is often overlooked by many. However, it is never too late to equip yourself with more knowledge about it and explore the different treatments available in the market.

This long-established weight managing treatment is a deep tissue massage and is a fundamental component of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is highly effective in localized slimming and when treated in combination with heat cupping , it will provide even amazing results.


How Does It Work? 

Our therapist will exert rhythmic compression on one’s body with a medley of kneading, rolling, pressing and rubbing actions combined with the use of infra-red slimming machines. These aid in the removal of blockages which prevent pain, swelling and build-up of toxins, promoting Qi and blood flow. Consequently, it can tone your body, and produce a calming effect even helping to lose weight with the increased metabolic rate.


Benefits of Slimming 

  1. Losing weight with greater ease as it is a pain-free, fuss-free treatment. Just kick back, relax and let us do their magic. Say goodbye to that stubborn fat and cellulite that had been so resistant to exercise.
  2. Improving skin condition as it aids in making your skin more elastic and firmer, eliminating wrinkles and saggy skin along with those nasty fats. At long last, you are able to achieve younger looking skin.
  3. Building confidence and self-esteem as you are able to observe immediate result and effects on your body. Seeing a slimmer body and feeling healthier will help to boost your confidence level and self-esteem.
  4. Improved health by getting rid of excess and unwanted fat, health issues related to being overweight will be minimized. Your health and performance will visibly improve and energizing your body to tackle the day with enthusiasm.

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